• Is There Still A Bias Against Northern Accents?

    One of the wonderful aspects of UK life is the sheer variety of accents we have on our small island. Even travelling between towns can mean you start hearing different accents in some parts of the country. There are plenty of northern English accents and these are getting greater representation on both screen and the […]

  • Why Do So Many TV Productions Use British Accents?

    There are plenty of TV dramas and shows about countries other than the UK and the US, but in many cases where they’re produced for English-speaking audiences, British accents seem to be the go-to option. Bustle recently explored why this is the case, noting that recent shows such as The Great, which is set in […]

  • Audiobooks Make Huge Difference During Lockdown

    The country has been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic, with everyone being forced into lockdown meaning they are unable to leave their houses unless it is ‘essential’. In addition to this, lots of people have been furloughed, as the companies they work for are unable to remain open, which means they are […]

  • Could You Use Lockdown To Work On New Accents?

    As a performer, it’s always useful to be able to produce different accents to give you a shot at a wider variety of roles and opportunities, both as an actor and providing voice over in Manchester or wherever you’re based. Now that the UK is in lockdown, you might be wondering how you can best […]

  • How Much Do You Know About Dubbing?

    While the principle of dubbing is simple to understand, in practice it can be more difficult and require more skill than many people realise. Dubbing involves films, TV shows, computer games and other video content having the original lines replaced by a script in another language. This may sound simple enough, but in practice it’s […]

  • Where’s Wally Gets Lancashire Accent In Animated Show

    For many generations of children, the Where’s Wally? books have provided hours of entertainment. Trying to spot the iconic character in his red and white striped shirt in all manner of locations has kept many of us busy at various points in time. Of course, these books have always been completely visual, with not even […]

  • Are Multilingual Podcasts A Trend To Watch?

    A growing number of people in the UK are listening to podcasts, with this format of audio content gaining popularity as the range of podcasts continues to grow. In fact, figures released by BBC Sounds at the end of 2019 revealed that the number of weekly users listening to podcasts on the app climbed to […]

  • Will Parasite Be Translated Into English?

    Korean movie Parasite swept the board at the Academy Awards last month, and became the first foreign-language film to win the Best Picture gong. While many expected the thriller, directed by Bong Joon-ho, to do well at the prestigious event, its unprecedented win of the most coveted award in the film industry was a surprise […]

  • US Film Company Plans UK’s Largest Studio Complex

    A US-based film company has today unveiled plans to create the UK’s largest purpose-built studio complex as the British film industry’s gold rush shows no signs of slowing down, reports the Financial Times. In partnership with the University of Reading, Atlanta-based Blackhall Studios have signed a deal to build one million square feet of sound […]

  • Parasite Becomes First Foreign Language Film To Win Best Picture Oscar

    Foreign movies do not often walk away with the highest accolade, as they rely on viewers to concentrate on reading subtitles or listening to someone from a voice over agency for the duration of the film. However, things appear to be changing as a non-English speaking flick has become the first ever to win the […]