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Language Services

Today, there are 7000 languages spoken across the globe. To reach more people and open new markets, a truly global company has to translate and localise their business in as many languages as they can. That’s where we come in.

Thankfully, over half the world’s population speak ‘just’ 23 languages, and we have linguistic experts in them all and 70+ others. Let us know what you need and we’ll get on it. Pronto!


Audio Visual Translation

Translating your content means not just maintaining the original script tone, but also ensuring the audio fits the video timeline precisely. That’s why, for complete accuracy, we only ever work with experienced native linguists alongside skilled dubbing mixers. Our team specialise in language pairs and can work with any length of script.

Our language professionals work in their native languages for fluent and natural sounding speech. They have the skills to adapt a translation, so any swell of words created by a translation from English can be reduced to fit the same timeline, while keeping the same nuanced meaning.

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As long as it’s audible, our team can transcribe your unscripted recordings in any language. We’ll produce transcripts with each speaker individually separated, identified and time-coded, so you can revisit parts of the recording, make editing decisions or prepare an audio-visual project for translation. And of course, we only ever use experienced native language transcribers for accuracy and authenticity. 

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Graphics Translation & Editing

Our graphic translation services include burning subtitles and captions so your content is professionally mastered and ready to share with the world. We also offer layback, adding freshly recorded voiceover directly onto your original video. If your video requires multiple languages, we provide and implement translations of any on-screen graphics, text and subtitles to ensure your content is truly localised for any given market.

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Subtitling and Closed-captions

Want your message to reach new audiences? Make your content more accessible? Talk to untapped markets around the world? Talk to us first. Whether your viewers are deaf or hard of hearing, non-native speakers or watching without sound, we can help expand your reach. At The Voiceover Gallery, we only use experienced native experts, so nothing is ever lost in translation.

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Multi-language Voiceover

Our team has experience in every type of voice over work you can imagine.  Projects range from 1 language to 43 using audio only recording through to full lip synch dubbing.  Knowing the right type of voiceover to use for any project and helping to cast the appropriate voice is one of our best skills. Search our voices database to hear the experienced voices available in each language.

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We do dubbing and we do it accurately and faithfully for all kinds of brands and broadcasters including some of the biggest in the world. Our team of dubbing mixers are used to managing large-scale projects, handling huge workflows, and re-versioning thousands of projects for markets across the globe.

Our dubbing experience includes corporate training videos, broadcast TV, commercials and animation series, web promos and multi-language museum exhibits.

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