Meet The Voice of BMW’s Dee BY DB Cooper

On September the first 2022, I received a casual little email from Alex Griffiths about an audition. It began “I have a client who would like a demo read. However, the job is a little out of the ordinary as if selected you be required to also voice two live events. These would in Las Vegas and Munich.”
There was a little more spec info and then the kicker: 

“The client is BMW.”


The script was for the voice of a car. A car called Dee. A concept car using all their technology to envision what cars and driving will be like in the future. A car with emotional intelligence, that we’ll be able to talk to like a person.


This out-of-the-ordinary audition turned into a 3-week engagement in Munich and a week and a half in Las Vegas. The Munich shows in November and December were press and corporate previews of the presentation planned for the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, in January. The Munich show was a very well-planned affair, as soon as Dee was introduced to the public, her personality began to blossom, and the folks from BMW not only allowed it— they encouraged it.
Dee is referred to as “A car with a digital soul”, and this was borne out in the live shows and recordings, and the social media blitz where Dee took over the BMW Twitter and instagram feeds.
Now, Dee has a Podcast called Dee My Guest where she interviews people involved in projects that bridge the real and digital worlds.
This has been the best, most wonderful experience. My TVG agent Alex has all the proprieties taken care of, and squadrons of people from all over Europe moved mountains to make it easy for me to do my job of simply being Dee— BMW’s Ultimate Companion. 
Hello. I am Dee.
Visit DB Cooper’s profile and listen to her voiceover reels.
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