What makes us experts in sound for animation?

Over the last few years we’ve worked on a large number of animation projects. It’s safe to say we are experts in creating sound for animation. 

Here’s just a few reasons why: 

  • We cast the right person for the right animated role. 
  • We work closely with the animators, script writers and clients to a ensure a smooth process.
  • We are growing our animation department with two major titles, Anna and Friends and Thomas & Friends.
  • We’ve increased our technology hardware for ADR use, as featured on the work we’ve done on Teletubbies.

Our experienced sound engineers

One of our most recent animation projects was Anna And Friends, which premiered on Nickelodeon Summer 2022. Originally a French cartoon, it was then adapted for the US and then the UK. Immy, who plays Froga, also stars in Thomas and Friends. 

Our extensive experience on Thomas and Friends meant that we had already developed processes that helped ensure our work on Anna And Friends ran smoothly and we created excellent results. 

“I would say what sets us apart when approaching animation would be the relationships we have with the voice artists and with the client. We work very closely with the clients to help achieve their ideas for the shows and have executed this with consistent success.” 
Erin, Production Assistant

The engineers also have a close working relationship with the voice artists, in particular the relationship between Elliott (Bruno) and Joe, and Cat and Imogen (Froga in Anna And Friends) they have formed a special relationship with each child artist to ensure they are at ease but also that they are encouraging them to give the best performance they can. We have a very personable approach to these projects, which shines through in the quality of the output of our animation shows.  

Read more about our approach to working with a child with neural diversity on the recent Thomas and Friends here.

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