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Meet Our Team

We’re a bit driven. We are a wonderful team of perfectionists, project managers, sound engineers, translators and audio experts, who take pride in everything we produce. We trust our expertise and our experience – so you can too. The real difference is we absolutely care about everything that goes out The Voiceover Gallery doors.

Marylou Thistleton-Smith

Founding Director

Robert Timms


Rak Bhattacharjee

Head of Business Development 

Muhammad Asif

Head of Finance

Katie Berkes

Head of Production

Joe Lewis

Head of Audio

Isabel González Rodríguez

Head of Localisation

Lizzy Finch

Voice & Audio Account Manager

Kate Hutchinson

Localisation Account Manager

Alice Murphy

Project Manager

Emily Barnett

Project Manager

Helena Line

Front of House &
General Life Saver

Josh Riordan

Audio Engineer

Tom Hale

Audio Engineer

Max Russell

Audio Engineer

Pip O'Marra

Front of House / Runner

If you need to get things moving fast, call one of our friendly team to chat through your project on 020 7987 0951 or 0161 881 8844.

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