• Campaign For More Irish Language Content On Netflix

    For many people, 2020 has meant that we’ve been watching more films and TV than ever before. Extended lockdown periods mean that we’ve all had to rely on subscription services like Netflix to help us get through the time when we can’t leave our homes. That also means we might be branching out in our […]

  • Three Top Tips For Tremendous Translations

    When it comes to translating a voice-over or script into other languages, several hurdles need to be clambered over. It was a major issue in the past, particularly in the video games industry to see exceptionally poor, literal translations of games into other languages. Even games that have since become hugely successful such as The […]

  • Who Voices Aldi’s Kevin The Carrot?

    The arrival of the festive season is marked these days by the airing of anticipated Christmas adverts from the UK’s retailers, often sparking conversations over which advert is our favourite, from the top contenders and annual heavyweights such as John Lewis, Tesco, Marks & Spencer and more, over which no one can ever agree! One […]

  • Should Kids Be Watching TV With Subtitles?

    When many of us think of subtitled content, we think of foreign language movies or TV series and typically we associate this with content that’s made for an adult audience. However, there are many benefits to children watching TV with subtitles on. That’s according to Sharon Black, a lecturer in interpreting (with Spanish) at the […]

  • Voiceover ‘Allows You To Use Your Imagination’

    There are many reasons why you might be drawn to working in voiceover, or indeed why you might feel a voiceover is a good way to bring a new creative spark to your advertising or marketing materials. In a recent interview with Backstage, Nancy Cartwright, the US voiceover artist who is best known for being […]

  • What Qualities Do You Need As A Voiceover Artist?

    In May, career voiceover casting director Sara Jane Sherman spoke to Backstage about the casting process for voiceover artists and explained what she looks for in new artists, commenting that it’s “not just about having a funny voice”. She revealed that she looks for people who can put in a great performance in the booth […]

  • Is There Still A Bias Against Northern Accents?

    One of the wonderful aspects of UK life is the sheer variety of accents we have on our small island. Even travelling between towns can mean you start hearing different accents in some parts of the country. There are plenty of northern English accents and these are getting greater representation on both screen and the […]

  • Why Do So Many TV Productions Use British Accents?

    There are plenty of TV dramas and shows about countries other than the UK and the US, but in many cases where they’re produced for English-speaking audiences, British accents seem to be the go-to option. Bustle recently explored why this is the case, noting that recent shows such as The Great, which is set in […]

  • Audiobooks Make Huge Difference During Lockdown

    The country has been turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic, with everyone being forced into lockdown meaning they are unable to leave their houses unless it is ‘essential’. In addition to this, lots of people have been furloughed, as the companies they work for are unable to remain open, which means they are […]