• Audiobook Voiceover – How to Bring Your Story to Life

    Audiobook Voiceover - Bring Your Story to Life

    Even though people across the UK still consume considerably more books in print than through audio, the audiobook market has grown impressively since the onset of the pandemic.   Fuelled by a desire for escapism through long periods of being trapped at home, the demand for audiobooks grew by 47% in the first half of 2020 […]

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  • Should Kids Be Watching TV With Subtitles?

    Subtitles for Children's Programmes

    When many of us think of subtitled content, we think of foreign language movies or TV series and typically we associate this with content that’s made for an adult audience. However, there are many benefits to children watching TV with subtitles on. That’s according to Sharon Black, a lecturer in interpreting (with Spanish) at the […]

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  • Subtitling – Why should you do it?

    Why Do You Need to Do Subtitling

    When it comes to subtitling and closed captioning, most people think it’s mainly for foreign language, or for the deaf or hard-of-hearing audience. However, with the rise of social media, we see subtitles used more frequently. In a study from 2006, Ofcom found that 7.5 million people in the UK use closed captions, but only […]

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  • Top four tips for how to get the most out of your studio time

    How to get the most out of recording studio time

    Through the past 18 months, the pandemic has shaken up our work patterns dramatically. Many people are working from home, however there are just some things you can’t do well from your bedroom. Professional recording is probably one of the best examples of this as you never quite know what interruptions you might get. When […]

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  • Battle of the Foreign Language Services

    Battle of the Foreign Language Services

    When producing video for audiences where English isn’t their first language, choosing the right method to convey your message can make all the difference to how it’s perceived. For producers it is crucial to understand what dubbing, subtitling and voice over provides to find the most suitable option. A quick look at each definition will […]

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  • One World – Many Voices

    One World and Many Voices

    “Your voice can change the world.” – Barack Obama Happy World Voice Day from all of us at The Voiceover Gallery! Since its inception in 1999, this Day has grown from a national event in Brazil to a world-wide annual celebration. World Voice Day aims to raise awareness of voice rehabilitation and the prevention of […]

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  • The Best Ways To Choose Your Voice Over Talent

    The Best Way To Choose Voiceover Artist

    One of the most important choices you will make when opting to create an audio or video advertisement is choosing the literal voice of your brand. This choice is vital, as how your advert will be interpreted by your audience will be determined by your voice over artist and how they effectively represent your brand. […]

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  • Should Video Game Roles Go To Hollywood Actors?

    Should Video Game Roles Go To Hollywood Actors?

    The modern video game has evolved to far more than mere children’s toys, with releases now being multimillion-dollar projects that encompass engaging and emotional storytelling with complex characters that have become closer to interactive feature films than just a game. However, a debate has been sparked by an article on The Gamer about the increase […]

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  • Top Economist Backs Advertising Industry Optimism

    Economists Back Advertising Industry Optimism

    Britain’s advertising sector shared in the economic misery of 2020, but could be set to bounce back forcibly in 2021. While some might have raised an eyebrow at a recent report forecasting advertising spend will grow enough to exceed 2019 levels, such optimism appears far from starry-eyed, as it has the backing of a leading […]

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