• Most Asked Questions About Voiceover Artists By Marilena Gant

    ‘Oh you are a Voiceover Artist…What actually is that?’ is a question I’m often asked whenever I meet new people. It turns out that the people of the internet share this curiosity and have a LOT of questions about Voiceover Artists. So here’s your guide to the what, when, how and why of Voiceover What […]

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  • Meet The Voice of BMW’s Dee BY DB Cooper

    On September the first 2022, I received a casual little email from Alex Griffiths about an audition. It began “I have a client who would like a demo read. However, the job is a little out of the ordinary as if selected you be required to also voice two live events. These would in Las […]

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  • Javier Fernandez-Peña To The Rescue!!

    Javier is a hugely experienced Spanish voiceover artist, with a huge amount of varied projects under his belt. He was the voice of MTV’s Spanish channel from 2000-2010. The main narrator for Hallmark ‘s Spanish Channel. A role which involved not only introducing the films, but also dubbing all the male characters parts for every […]

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  • What makes us experts in sound for animation?

    Over the last few years we’ve worked on a large number of animation projects. It’s safe to say we are experts in creating sound for animation.  Here’s just a few reasons why:  We cast the right person for the right animated role.  We work closely with the animators, script writers and clients to a ensure […]

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  • Ross Grant: Life as a visually impaired voiceover artist 

    October is Blindness Awareness Month. According to the World Health Organisation, there are 285 million people who are visually impaired worldwide, 39 million of whom are completely blind. As a studio we do a lot of work with audio description to help improve accessibility for the world of tv. We wanted to take the opportunity […]

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  • Elliot voices the first autistic character in Thomas & Friends

    Thomas and Friends introduced a new engine into the show, a brake car called Bruno. This character was voiced by a child with autism in the US version, so Mattel were very adamant about being as authentic as possible when it came to bringing in the character in the UK version. We helped them find […]

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  • Can You Make Presumptions Based On Someone’s Voice?

    Can You Make Presumptions Based on a Persons Voice?

    What do you think of when you hear someone’s voice without seeing how they look?  We certainly make assumptions about age and gender perhaps also where they are from.  It is likely we make a huge number of micro decisions about the individual just from the sound of their voice and build a picture on which we then base any relationship […]

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  • What Are SDH Subtitles?

    What Are SDH Subtitles?

    If you’re a ‘Strictly’ fan then you’ll know of a new wave of awareness around the disability of deafness which has been raised by celebrity contestant Rose Ayling-Ellis, an actress currently on Eastenders that suffers from this condition.  In a recent episode she and her partner Giovanni Pernice performed part of their ‘Couples Choice’ dance with no music creating an incredibly powerful […]

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  • Audiobook Voiceover – How to Bring Your Story to Life

    Audiobook Voiceover - Bring Your Story to Life

    Even though people across the UK still consume considerably more books in print than through audio, the audiobook market has grown impressively since the onset of the pandemic.   Fuelled by a desire for escapism through long periods of being trapped at home, the demand for audiobooks grew by 47% in the first half of 2020 […]

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  • Should Kids Be Watching TV With Subtitles?

    Subtitles for Children's Programmes

    When many of us think of subtitled content, we think of foreign language movies or TV series and typically we associate this with content that’s made for an adult audience. However, there are many benefits to children watching TV with subtitles on. That’s according to Sharon Black, a lecturer in interpreting (with Spanish) at the […]

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