Stephen F

Voice Type: Male adult
Voice Range: 30s-40s
Native Language: English (EN)
Native Accents: UK - Scouse
Other Accents: UK - Welsh, UK - Northern Irish, UK - Southern Irish, UK - Geordie, UK - Lancashire, UK - Cockney, UK - Brummie, UK - Neutral
Voice Description / Bio

Stephen has a clear, warm and engaging voice, with a soft and gentle Merseyside accent. He has voiced for commercials, documentaries, radio plays and more, with his ability to convey a genuine and honest message. Stephen is a professional actor and director, working in TV, theatre, film and radio. Since training at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2002, his screen credits include Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Heartbeat, and Home Fires. Stephen has performed on every stage in Liverpool, his other theatre work includes credits in the West End, The Old Vic and UK and Ireland tours. He is also a writer, director and producer with his own company, Life in Theatre Productions, reaching tens of thousands of people with his work, including his disco spoof musical, Mam! I’m ‘ere! He has been the voice for The BAFTA video games awards, BBC Sport idents, as well as a regular voice of online learning company, E-careers. As well as voicing for TV documentaries, he has worked extensively in numerous BBC Radio Drama productions, has featured in Audible’s cult classic, Jeff Wayne’s War of The Worlds, and his most recent audiobook was narrating Audible’s Never Saw You Coming, for Harper Collins. Stephen is also a singer and has a great ear for most accents and mimicry.

Voiceover Reels

Stephen F - Montage

Stephen F - Commercial

Stephen F - Character