Martina B (DUT)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Martina is a confident & experienced voice over artist, with a warm & assuring voice. Her many years in TV & radio presenting, as well as acting, makes her equally at home in the world of corporate videos, commercials & TV announcements & promo’s. Her excellent use of the lower registers makes her voice able to cover all sorts of moods, ranging from smooth sensuality, via motherly reassurance to gentle authority.


Martina came to London to train as an actress, and landed her first VO job before she graduated. Since then her voice has become well known in Holland, and she often gets told that clients choose her because her voice gives the public confidence.

She has worked as an actress as well as a radio (LBC and Classic FM) and TV (NBC Europe and RTL4)presenter, and has had a number of longstanding voice over jobs, notably thirteen years as announcer for Discovery, four years doing promo’s for Cinenova , SyFy and Thirteenth Street. Her numerous regular high profile clients include Esso, BT, Volvo, Ford, Shell, Jaguar etc.

She often does security announcements for big airlines and was recently flown to Holland to record Esso’s national advertising campaign to span all media.

She also flies to Holland to voice the 7 year old sidekick to Professor Layton in the successful Nintendo DS games with the same name and has been known to do the odd evil witch.


Dutch accented English

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