Jamie Hinde

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:
English neutral

Voice Description

Jamie’s natural voice has a warm resonant tone which gives authority & reassurance. His versatility also provides a clear upbeat dynamic vocal performance that adds energy & fun. His experience as an actor means he is very at home with characterisation.


Jamie's voiceover experience is also wide ranging from BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs to being the main British voice on the re-branding campaign for IG Markets (Worldwide). He has just recorded eight videos for Mercer Harmonise and can be heard narrating numerous children’s books for a new Kindle fire App.

Other voice work includes: Wrigley’s Extra (UK); Copaxone (Israel & Denmark); The Eden Project; Spring Harvest (Opening Ceremony). He played the BBC Announcer in The Killing of Sister George (Artful Productions) and is the lead voiceover on the film The Feral Generation. He can also be heard as The Fool in King Lear (Radio 4).




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