Jamie H

Voice Type: Male adult
Voice Range: 30s-40s, 40s-50s, 50s
Native Language: English (EN)
Native Accents: UK - Neutral
Other Accents: UK - Essex, UK - Cockney, USA - East Coast, USA - West Coast, Europe - France
Voice Description / Bio

Jamie’s natural voice has a warm resonant tone which gives authority & reassurance. His versatility also provides a clear upbeat dynamic vocal performance that adds energy & fun. His experience as an actor means he is very at home with characterisation. Jamie is the voice of WORLD’S WILDEST WEATHER which is currently in its second season (12 episodes in total) and aired all over the world. His regular work as voiceover includes several TV ads for O'KEEFE'S HAND CREAM (3 years running), he voices the MERCER HARMONISE animations (8 films) and is also heard on Kindlefire’s ‘Night-Night’ App narrating numerous children’s books. TV Commercials include: WRIGELYS EXTRA (UK & Europe), AXE (Europe), IG MARKETS (Worldwide Rebranding Campaign), CAPAXONE (Israel & Denmark), HOLT’S TYREWELD (UK). TV Work: WALKING WITH DINOSAURS (BBC Television) Film Work: THE FERAL GENERATION Radio Work: KING LEAR Other projects of note: The award-winning MUSEUM IN A BOX, THE EDEN PROJECT, SPRING-HARVEST (Opening Ceremony), BIBLE PHONELINE and he also voiced the BBC Announcer for the UK Number 1 Theatre Tour of THE KILLING OF SISTER GEORGE.

Voiceover Reels

Jamie H - Commercial Reel

Jamie H - Narrative Reel