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  • The Best Ways To Choose Your Voice Over Talent

    The Best Way To Choose Voiceover Artist

    One of the most important choices you will make when opting to create an audio or video advertisement is choosing the literal voice of your brand. This choice is vital, as how your advert will be interpreted by your audience will be determined by your voice over artist and how they effectively represent your brand. […]

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  • Should Video Game Roles Go To Hollywood Actors?

    Should Video Game Roles Go To Hollywood Actors?

    The modern video game has evolved to far more than mere children’s toys, with releases now being multimillion-dollar projects that encompass engaging and emotional storytelling with complex characters that have become closer to interactive feature films than just a game. However, a debate has been sparked by an article on The Gamer about the increase […]

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  • Top Economist Backs Advertising Industry Optimism

    Economists Back Advertising Industry Optimism

    Britain’s advertising sector shared in the economic misery of 2020, but could be set to bounce back forcibly in 2021. While some might have raised an eyebrow at a recent report forecasting advertising spend will grow enough to exceed 2019 levels, such optimism appears far from starry-eyed, as it has the backing of a leading […]

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  • Why Do Films Re-Record Voice Overs?

    Why Do Films Re-Record Voiceovers?

    When producing films, and in some cases television shows, the production team will sometimes need the actors to enter a voice-over studio to record more audio, even if the actors have already spoken and recorded their dialogue on-set. This is a major part of post-production and happens in films for many different reasons and as […]

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  • What We Learned From The Best Video Game Voice Acting Performances

    The Best Video Game Voice Actors and What We Learned

    High quality, effective voice acting can transform any business or artistic project by giving it a voice that viewers can readily attach and connect to on a deeper level. The best way we can see this in action is through how video games have taken advantage of voice-over studios and helped bring interactive creative projects […]

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  • James Bond Film No Time To Die Pushed Back Again

    James Bond - No Time to Die Release Date

    The 25th James Bond movie, No Time To Die, was due to be released at cinemas in April after having been previously postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now fans will have to wait even longer as the film is delayed for the third time. BBC News reports that the film, which marks Daniel […]

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  • 7 Amusing English To Welsh Translation Fails

    English to Welsh Translation Services

    Wales is a country rightly proud of its mellifluous ancient language, and works hard to preserve its usage in the present day. According to the latest data from the Annual Population Survey, around 75% of the population of Gwynedd can speak Welsh, and 28.5% of the country as a whole speaks the language. While there […]

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  • Three Top Tips For Tremendous Translations

    Three Tips for Language Translation Services

    When it comes to translating a voice-over or script into other languages, several hurdles need to be clambered over. It was a major issue in the past, particularly in the video games industry to see exceptionally poor, literal translations of games into other languages. Even games that have since become hugely successful such as The […]

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