Zuzana M (CZE)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Zuzana's native Czech voice can be described as clear, cultivated, confident but also with warm & gentle tones.


Zuzana is a former radio broadcaster in English and in Czech (Radio Prague, BBC Czech Service) and a professional linguist with a long experience as a Czech voiceover artist resident in the UK. She has worked on a vast variety of projects, ranging from corporate videos and commercials (e.g. Microsoft's official Czech website, Vodafone), training & educational software (HP, O2, IKEA) to singing nursery rhymes (Fisher Price toys) to the Czech sat nav voice for Toyota, children's TV trailers (Jettix) and countless others. She is the preferred choice where professional, standard Czech pronunciation is sought.


Czech accented English

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