Yasemin G (GER)

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Voice Description

A native voice in German and Turkish and a very fluent English speaker. Yasemin’s voice is highly versatile in all languages, genres and character. Her voice quality is of warm, gentle and sensual nature but she can also change instantly to upbeat and energetic as and when needed.


Yasemin was born in Germany to Turkish parents. She was raised bilingually speaking her native Turkish at home and German with everyone else. As a child, she was able to separate both languages easily so adding English and other languages became second nature to her. She has completed her 2 year drama training at ICAT (Independent Centre for Actor Training) and obtained Level 4 ATCL Speech and Drama Diploma (Acting) with performances in London and Manchester.

Jasemin’s voiceover experience spans languages, accents and genres, including work in commercials, corporates, ADR, TV dramas. Clients include Emmerdale, Olympic Games, Opel, BBC/CBBC, Nickelodeon, ITV and she also makes live football PA announcements during Champions League Group Stage Games. She has also appeared on TV and played a posh diner in House of Fools and 4 o’clock club.


German Accented English

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