Vlad T (ROM)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Vlad’s voice is very versatile, warm, relaxed but in the same time very convincing. Since he is an actor he can easily adapt to a high range of styles and understand the mood of different types of scripts. This is why he worked as a corporate voice for multiple international brands but also as a character voice, narrative and commercial as well. Due to his background, Vlad is also able to portray different accents in English.


As an experienced voiceover artist Vlad has been submitted his work in London and abroad for clients such us: Amazon, DHL, Agco Reman, Hanna Tv Series, Castrol, Intertrados Industry, Vsim Application, Bacs Hospital, Molson Coors Beer Company, Delta Net, Evonik Industries and many more!


Romanian Accented English

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