Virge G

Voice Range:
40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:
English neutral

Voice Description

Virge has a natural RP voice with a clear tone and great diction. She is perfect for your corporate reads, with her warm, friendly yet reassuring quality. But can also read fast ‘legalese’ at the end of radio commercials with ease. These skills also allow her to voice complicated technical scripts and sight read with confidence.


Virge has worked as an actress for 25 years, working in TV, theatre and radio. Credits include Four Weddings and a Funeral, One Foot in the Grave, Chef, Brush Strokes, Josie and Chucklevision. She even played a would-be porn star for a SIXT car rental commercial! Her appearances as Theresa May in Brexit the Musical at Edinburgh Festival, and Aunt March in Little Women were well reviewed on stage.

Virge's voice over work ranges from corporates and adverts for BT, Volvo, Diet Coke, Calgon, Channel 5, Spiral Cellar, Thomas Cook and the Discovery Channel. She has great medical narration experience with work for several medical production companies as well as MacMillan and the NHS, and is experienced in natural history documentary narration. She also played a part in the fantastic Harry Potter Lego game for Nintendo.




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