Sam Peter J (GER)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Commercial, charismatic, rich, warm and engaging, Sam's distinctive voice lends itself perfectly for both high-energy advertising, as well as calm, emotive deliveries with charm and character.


Sam Peter Jackson is a very experienced, established voice-over artist in both English and German. His voice work includes commercials (Hugo Boss, Xbox, Burger King), documentaries (BBC, Channel 4), radio plays (Radio 4), movie trailers (The Social Network, This Is It), corporate videos (Mercedes, Deutsche Bank), film & TV ADR (War Horse, The Tudors), entertainment TV shows (MTV, VH1), sports & kids TV (ESPN, Nickelodeon), TV-on-demand promos (Virgin Media), museum tours (Guggenheim), CD audio plays (Doctor Who), language tapes (Cornelsen) and video games (Ghost Master, Guiness World Records).


German accented English

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