Roberto B (ITA)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Velvety smooth, playful, strong, elegant, polished. Expressive voice that is able to convey many moods and many ages ranging from 30 to 50.


The professional voice over/dubbing career of Roberto started in 1989, after being a young dj in italian radios and after the high school (liberal arts) and acting school. Before moving to London in 2013, he mainly operated in Milan and Rome.

Roberto has a considerable experience in advertisements (both on tv and radio) for big brands, field in which he’s on the top ranking list of most popular italian voices. He was also asked to be a producer by time and to voice over director as trait-d’union between copywriters and talents.

Roberto has worked on cartoons, tv series and some movies.

He has been the official voice of some important italian tv networks, the narrator and the leading voice in important tv programs and documentaries, but also in corporate movies and e-learnings.

In years he has been also voice over director for Walt Disney’s novels where he also played some roles, and adaptor for theatrical and corporate movies.


Italian accented English

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