Rita S

Voice Type: Female adult
Voice Range: 30s-40s, 40s-50s, 50s
Native Language: English (EN)
Other Language: Hindi (HI), Punjabi (PA)
Native Accents: UK - Neutral
Other Accents: Asia - South - India
Voice Description / Bio

Rita’s extensive voice work includes tv documentaries, radio and online ads, sponsorship idents and dubbing, as well as public information films, medical and technical films, e-learning and training films, platform announcements and in-flight safety announcements. Rita started out acting and writing for community theatre in her native Hounslow and then moved on to the Royal Court Young People’s Theatre. As an actress, she has recorded many audiobooks both fiction and non-fiction. Rita mostly voices in her neutral RP accent, but is British Indian so also voices in Hindi, Punjabi or with an Indian accent and is able to read from a Devanagari (Hindi) and Gurmukhi (Punjabi) script. She also has excellent sight-reading skills. Her voicing style can be put into the categories of warm, reassuring, friendly, instructional, natural. Clients include TFL, Spotify, Uber, Channel 4, British Airways, NHS, Audible, BBC, United Nations, Heathrow, Vodafone, British Airways and The Open University

Voiceover Reels

Rita S - English Reel (natural accent)

Rita S - Punjabi

Rita S - Hindi

Rita S- Showreel mix