Philippe S (FRE)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Philippe has a rich voice, which is versatile with a wide range from soft to authoritative. A voice ideal for corporate narrative, video games, trailers & commercials. voice range from 30 t0 60 years old, with a range of character voices ideal for cartoon style work.


Philippe started out with four years of acting training at the Cours Florent one of the very best drama schools in Paris which included three years in the Classe Libre where they choose the 25 best students among 2,500 who passed the audition.  This led to starting work as an actor while still at drama school and led to his involvement in many productions ( theatre, TV and feature films).

He started doing voice over work in 1991 when he was already based in England and found his acting training to be an obvious asset.  His voice over work includes commercials ( 5 TV campains for Evian, AA, Seafrance, St Agur, Nike,  XBox ...) as well as video games ( Tomb Raider 3 & 4 US version, Crash Bandicout, G Police, Napoleon All Our Wars and many others ) also corporate, dubbing, radio commercials and naratives for books.


French accented English

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