Peter S (GER)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Energetic, confident and engaging - Peter is a versatile artist whose mother tongue is German. Originally from Bavaria, he has lived in London for the past 17 years and is fully bi-lingual and speaks near perfect English. His clear and sympathetic voice has been used for everything from commercials, computer games, educational material, as well as lip synching and dubbing engagements.


Peter has been working as a voice over artist in London for over 10 years and hs worked on everything from Computer Games, Museum Guides, Radio Commercials, Lip Synching for Film and TV, ADR work, Educational Material, Presenting and Radio. He is also pursuing a successful acting career and has appeared in Feature Films as well as dramas for the BBC, ITV and HBO  (theatrical CV can be supplied on request).


German accented English

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