Pavi L (GER)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Pavi’s warm timbre, smooth and clear delivery has made him a favourite for some of the world’s best known brands, selected by Apple Germany to voice their tutorial films, as well as having communicated messages in his friendly and relatable style for the likes of Google, Amazon, BMW, Skoda, Red Bull, X-Box, Michelin, Sennheiser, Deutsche Telekom, Santander Bank, and Procter & Gamble among many others. As a dual German / British national he voices in his native and accent-free German, as well as regularly being booked for productions requiring additional European English versioning. With fluent Spanish to boot, communication with clients is sure not to get lost in translation!


Pavi was born in Berlin to parents active in the media industry, and after schooling in Spain and the UK, travelled extensively and quickly made a name for himself as not only a talented voice artist, but also as an excellent audio engineer, being contracted by renowned recording studios in London, Germany, Spain and India, before settling in Austria to work his magic both behind the mixing desk as well as in front of the mic.

Pavi is most at home voicing commercials, be it TV, cinema, radio or internet advertising, but can also be heard starring in TV documentaries, radio plays, audio guides, telephone greetings and even vending machines. As an accomplished audio engineer with cinema feature film surround mixing credits to his name, his in-depth knowledge of the production process has made him a go-to choice for clients who appreciate the constructive input and dedication to delivering an outstanding final product that Pavi brings to the table.


European English

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