Patricia V (SPA)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Patricia’s voice is strong, free, connected and responsive allowing her to create the perfect bridge between the inner and outer worlds for your commercial or corporate videos. Her ability to modulate her voice range makes her versatile and suitable for very contrasting voice productions. Rounded and fruity, Patricia’s voice can be heard on Disney Channel and even in the sky when you fly Iberia.


Patricia trained as an actor at ArtsEd London, meaning she’s excellent at interpreting direction as well as having fantastic acting skills. Moët Hennessy, PlayStation, DHL, Criminal Minds, Disney Channel, Blizzard, Iberia or Rebull have entrusted their projects with her voice for their Spanish feeds. She had the opportunity of training in voice over acting in Madrid with the great Salvador Arias, well recognised voice-over actor and director, best known for directing productions in Spanish like Citizen Kane, Falcon Crest, Bewitched, Napoleon or Bewitched between others. “He infused me with the idea that the world of voice overs and dubbing is not just about having a nice voice but about serving the text by giving a truthful performance.”, says Patricia.


Spanish Accented English

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