Nicola Posener

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:
English neutral

Voice Description

Nicola is an extremely versatile voice-over artist capable of multiple accents and character voices which lends itself very well to animation and video games. Her natural tone is pure, young, bright and positive with a relaxing, warm and professional feel. As an actress she is able to switch her vocal, accent and age range with ease to adapt to a variety of casting briefs.


Nicola's voice is very familiar to younger audiences as the voice of Disney Channel UK; recording for two years following the success of her on-screen work in the hit children television show 'Life Bites'.
Most recently Nicola recorded at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles as a villainous lead in the Gunfire Games virtual reality video game 'From Other Suns'.
Nicola has been cast multiple times as the narrator adding character, depth and backstory to prologues of feature films including 'The Rangers' & 'The Crown of the Dragon'.
She has also been known to have a wonderful tone for when it comes to robotic voices having recorded characters such as AI's and spaceships in films including 'Survivor' and 'Magellan'.
Nicola has a notable skill at dubbing having recently been cast to dub the lead Chinese actress in the biggest budget blockbuster from China in the highly anticipated film 'The Bombing' starring Bruce Willis.
With a wealth of experience Nicola has been fortunate to have worked in multiple mediums in voice-overs including loop groups for network television, video games, commercials, audio books, documentary to name a few. Nicola can currently be seen starring in Season One of 'Age of the Living Dead' available now on FOX.




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