Max H (DUT)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Max can range from young and fun to a warm, mature and sincere voice with a deep to mid-tone timbre, and with a 4 octave range he is very versatile. His experience ranges from TV and Film-acting to West-end shows, Voiceover and Radio-play work both in The Netherlands and the UK.


The multilingual Max has had many years of experience in both acting, singing and voice acting in a multitude of languages (including Dutch, English, French, German and Italian). Having recorded the voices for the leading part and several additional character for 2 full puppet-theatre show recordings, and radio-plays. Also he's been part of a nationwide radio commercial for the ANWB (the national roadside-assistance organisation). He has been performing on stage and screen in the UK, Europe and worldwide for the past 7 years.


Dutch Accented English /American

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