Marina K (GRE)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Soft, friendly, and energised, Marina's clear voice engages listeners across corporate and commercial projects. Bringing characters and stories to life, she injects energy into a script, adapting her tone as required. Publishing companies use her 'girl next door' voice to teach Greek, big corporates to train staff and production companies to showcase products.


Marina has worked as a British/Greek Voice Over artist for 10 years, with top corporate and commercial clients. Work ranges from training programs and language learning, to ads, ADRs and Radio 4 plays. Past voice overs include Shell, Unilever, BBC Radio 4, BBC TV series (e.g. The Little Drummer Girl), Netflix series (e.g. The Crown ADR) and language narration (BBC ‘Quickstart Greek’, Harper Collins). A confident storyteller, Marina works fluently in both languages having been brought up in Athens to a bilingual family. She also works as a VO director and actor and has a background in marketing and branding which helps her understand a client's vision.


Greek Accented English

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