Marilyn O

Voice Type: Female adult
Voice Range: 20s-30s, 30s-40s
Native Language: English (EN)
Native Accents: UK - Neutral
Other Accents: UK - Southern Irish, UK - Cockney, UK - Yorkshire, UK/USA - Transatlantic
Voice Description / Bio

Marilyn is a versatile trained and experienced, working actress. Her vocal quality and range combine smooth, characterful, clear, and authoritative as well as warm, comforting tones. TV credits include the BBC comedy ‘Motherland’, BBC Doctors and Endeavour, Eastenders. ‘Children Next Door' for Channel 4 and A Touch of Cloth for Sky. Her acting skills and many years in the theatre lend themselves perfectly to character work, gaming, audiobooks, ADR and animation. She has plenty of experience in commercials, corporate and audio guides too. Marilyn has built up a fantastic client base including HSBC, ESPA Spa, BMW, Swarovski, Photobox, Clarins, Landrover, Gaming for Pitstop Productions, Majestic Wine, Spotlight, Interpolis and drama for The Goat and Monkey Theatre Company, in Macbeth. Marilyn was born and grew up in Southern Ireland until she was 7, then moved to North London. She has a natural UK-RP accent.

Voiceover Reels

Marilyn O - Commercial

Marilyn O - Narrative

Marilyn O - Documentary