María Jesús F Voiceover Artist

Voice Type: Female adult, Male child, Female child, Non-binary adult
Voice Range: 20s-30s, 30s-40s
Native Language: Spanish – Latin American (ES)
Other Language: English - European accented
Native Accents: Latin America - Chile
Other Accents: Latin America - Mexico
Voice Description / Bio

Expert, multi-lingual with over 15 years of experience in the industry, María is native to Chile speaking Spanish as her primary language and also English. Noted for her calm, friendly, sweet voice, María is a versatile performer. María records from her home studio or on-location in or near Bristol and other connected cities throughout United Kingdom. As well as experience in voiceover, María is also a professional singer.

Voiceover Reels

María F - Chilean Spanish

María F - Latin American Spanish accented English

María F - Chilean Spanish sample