Laura C (LAS)

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Voice Description

Laura’s voice is warm, full-bodied, soothing and very clear, perfect for corporate videos, IVR prompts and educational material in general. She is also an excellent singer and great at character work, making her the ideal choice for toys and videos aimed at the little ones. Her recent collaborations include brands like Netflix, Google, Avon, Hasbro, Fisher Price, Thomas & Friends, Greenpeace, Nickelodeon, Anglo American, HSBC, Citibank, American Express, Aggreko, Nest, Poker Stars, DHL and many more.


Born in Argentina and based in London since 2010, Laura’s career in the voice-over industry spans more than ten years. Apart from her native Argentinian accent, She has mastered the Neutral Latin American variety, and her excellent command of the English language has also gained her an increasingly prominent role in the expanding Global English market. She’s always happy to record custom demos for specific jobs and is great at taking direction.

Latin American Spanish

Latin American Spanish Accented English

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