Kristina B (SWE)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Kristina has a very clear and melodious voice with a warm timbre. She is equally skilled at emotive commercial delivery, humorous character work as well as informative corporate voices.


Kristina is a Swedish born Voice Over Artist.  She has worked on a wide range of projects; commercials (Tampax, Häagen Dazs, IKEA), CD-ROMs (Action Man, Panasonic), movies (Rugrats), children’s audio books (Spot-the Dog), television promotions (Discovery Channel, Fox Kids), car navigational systems (Jaguar, Mercedes Benz), airline in-flight information (Britannia, British Midlands), radio ads (McDonalds) and corporate videos (Xerox, Hilfi). She can create a whole list of characters ranging from kids to grandmothers and monsters. She was previously the Swedish promotional voice for National Geographic Channel and Nickelodeon. She has also coached other artists on feature films (Trolleywood).  She works primarily in Swedish.  Her English accent is very clear and close to RP (she did most of her schooling including University in English).  She also makes good use of other accents in her English work such as North American (Standard and Southern) Swedish, French, Italian and German.

Further to her vocal credits Kristina is also an accomplished producer, translator and interpreter.


Swedish accented English

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