Kirk Flash

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:
English neutral, English regional

Voice Description

Former presenter and Channel 4 announcer, London-born Kirk has a cool, smooth and authentic 20s to 30s voice, with a vast range from RP through to urban. Owing to his TV experience, Kirk is easily directed and has a natural flair for rhythm and nuance, making for a read that is both genuine and engaging.


An impulse audition landed Kirk his first voiceover gig ever as a Continuity Announcer on Channel 4. Since then, he has also gone on to do VO work for a range of clients and projects from ads and corporate films, to documentary narration and animated character work.

Kirk is a professional copywriter and has a natural inclination towards performing. He was an avid actor, choir singer, cellist and dancer as a child and now performs with a dance company in his spare time. Versatile, curious and a writer by trade, Kirk always brings more than just his vocal chords to every project he's a part of.

Commercial Reel

Corporate Reel

Documentary Reel

Montage Reel

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