Kinue K (JPN)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Smooth, versatile, friendly, characterful, funky, warm. Kinue is a very versatile voice, from friendly to aggressive although can be tough and rough, hard or soft sell. Warm and deep for narrations, sexy or funny for commercials, smooth professional and businesslike for presentations. Also specialises in image training and hypnotic narration.


Actress, performer, vocalist, Kinue has appeared in many Japanese TV programmes and is much in demand in the UK, where she now lives, as an actress, voice over artist and vocalist.  Kinue has featured in several TV ads, including Wrigley's 'Orbit' chewing gum and for the New York Stock Exchange(US), Fumos AFRA (Israel) as well as a 'Geisha' on the last 'TFI Friday' where she gave Sir Elton John a manicure. Kinue has also appeared in various movies, including two James Bond pictures and an experience in variety of character voices such as in JAL 's "Spot the dog", SEGA's "Shogun 2 Total War" and in film Vantage Point ...



Japanese accented English

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