Juan Carlos R (LAS)

Voice Range:
40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Juan Carlos has a versatile, authoritative, mature, warm, confident & experienced voice with a deep, accurate & clear delivery. After living more for than 20 years in Europe, he has a neutral latino-american accent & experience delivering different regional characters as Caribbean, Mexican, Chilean, Andean, Colombian & Argentinian (imitation & impersonation).


Juan Carlos was an announcer for 8 years at the BBC World Service and Editor in Chief of Radio Nederland in Holland. He is an internationally awarded journalist, experienced Radio, Television and News Anchor/presenter. He has been working in Europe since 1989 (Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and Great Britain) as a correspondent, TV and Radio presenter, production assistant and documentaries narrator, TV bilingual guide, Round table moderator and translator from and into Spanish for corporations, agencies and international organisations such as United Nations-OAF, OECD, ECHO and NGOs.

Juan Carlos works in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian. His areas of speciality are industrial security, automotive industry, viticulture, geology, literature, environment, humanitarian, refugees, development, politics, news and current affairs.

He has worked in Spanish & English on commercials, audio-books, literary readings, continuity, documentaries, corporation videos, Spanish courses, poker series & sports narrative (football, formula one).

Latin American Spanish

Latin American Spanish accented English

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