Josh Shirt

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:
English neutral, English regional

Voice Description

Josh has a confident young voice with huge versatility allowing him to sound friendly and natural, cool and edgy, or authoritative and corporate. His soft northern accent is approachable, engaging, knowledgeable, warm, and sincere. He is also a master at breathing life into characters and emotions making him a fascinating storyteller.


Josh Shirt has been a professional Voiceover Artist since 2005. He burst onto the UK voiceover scene as a young, street voice and was quickly snapped up as the voice of The Wireless Group's thirteen radio stations in the North of England. His work has evolved through the years with over 6000 advertising campaigns recorded to date. In recent years he has explored his talent for audiobook narration (recording Philip Ridley's 'Flamingoes in Orbit' in 2018). His portfolio includes work for Xbox, Samsung, Airbnb and the BBC.




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