Ivan K (CZE)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Ivan is a Czech TV voice from London and had been for many years a voice of the BBC World Service for its Czech audience. His voice is warm, friendly, engaging and competent and can be both sensitive and authoritative. He voices his own film documentaries for Czech TV and produces about 20-30 reportages and short documentaries for Czech Radio yearly.


2008 - current Czech freelance voice actor and freelance correspondent for Czech TV & Radio, with his ex-BBC colleagues set up his London based audio and video production company.

1999-2008 BBC World Service Senior Producer and BBC News researcher, analyst and broadcast journalist producing and presenting about 30-40 on air radio programs a month for Czech service of the BBC World Service. On air interviews for BBC News regional outlets in English.

1995-1999 Czech TV correspondent from London, producing on air interviews, general news and documentaries programs from the UK with regular audience of 1 million viewers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Czech accented English

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