Howie Fiddy

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:
English neutral

Voice Description

Howie's voice is described as 'timeless'. It compliments all media types, particularly the genres of Corporate, Commercial and e-Learning. His style is warm, genuine, friendly and believable, yet he has the dynamism to bring to life the most demanding of scripts. Most importantly, Howie listens. He takes and interprets direction extremely well; he's professional to the end, but he injects a sense of lightness and fun into voice sessions, as appropriate. A joy to work with!


Howie has been in broadcasting all his working life, beginning as an audio technician at the BBC, then a few years working on-air in Los Angeles, returning to the UK where he has been doing full-time voiceover from his professional studios for almost 20 years. He's current, he's passionate about his work and he still sees perfection as the only option. Oh, and he plays drums in a band!

Howie has had the privilege of working extensively with some of the finest brands nationally and globally. On TV he’s promoted easyJet Airlines, Jaguar and Continental Tyres in the UK; Hilton Hotels, Microsoft and Spotify internationally; Hugo Boss, Leesa Beds and IKEA across multiple social media platforms. Plus, he’s the voice of tens of thousands of commercials on every radio station in Britain, as well as many across Europe, The Middle East, the USA and Australia.

And not forgetting the thousands of corporate clients Howie works with for their videos and training modules: Pfizer, Astra Zenica, Manchester United, Shell, Admiral, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Visa and many, many more.

Importantly, though, no matter how big or small the client or project, you can always expect the exact same level of quality of voiceover from Howie.

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