Greg D (POL)

Voice Range:
40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Greg can vary his voice registers from matter-of-fact to involved, commentary to character, informative to authoritative. His delivery is clear, engaged, persuasive & intelligently modulated.


Greg (Grzegorz) hails from Poland, but chose to settle in the UK years ago, working as a Radio Producer/Broadcaster for BBC World Service, Polish Section. Following its closure in 2006, he has taken on the role of the London Correspondent for Polskie Radio, a national public broadcaster in Warsaw.

Since 1990’s, Greg has also worked extensively as a voice-over artist, translator & interpreter for a number of UK-based agencies. Over the years, he has recorded many corporate videos, manuals, film and TV voice-overs, promos, as well as innumerable news despatches & radio programmes for BBC World Service &  Polish Radio, Warsaw.

He lives in London.


Polish accented English

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