Gabrielle F (GER)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Gabi has natural age range of 30's - 40's. She has a warm, nurturing and kind voice, who can also be fun, friendly, spirited, uplifting, intelligent, professional, clear and versatile. Gabi also has a wide age and accent range for character voices from 12-60, she can be quirky, animated, playful, international, with a great voice and energy for animation and children’s content. Her German accents include High German (Hochdeutsch), Southern German and Austrian, and her German accented English cover strong/subtle German, Northern European, Transatlantic and International.


Gabrielle is a trained, professional actress and voice over artist based in London. Fully bilingual, she is fluent in German (native) and English and works in both languages.

As an experienced actress, Gabrielle’s forte is voice acting. She has worked in dubbing and ADR for films and TV, audio drama, video games, and animation/cartoons. She has great emotional range and a natural talent for character voices, comedy and children’s content.

She is also very musical; an amateur musician and singer (mezzo soprano), and can even beatbox and mimic sound effects. This gives her a strong sense of rhythm and timing, and the ability to incorporate her musical skills to deepen performance.

Gabrielle’s command of English is impeccable. She naturally speaks with a slight American inflection, and can provide a range of other English language accents: from strong/subtle German to Northern European and Transatlantic. This has made her a favourite for clients looking for International English voices.

Experienced and versatile, Gabrielle’s work ranges from commercials, corporate work and e-Learning, to dubbing, ADR, audio drama, video games, and animation/cartoons. As a voice director, Gabrielle has worked on TV dramas and for corporate clients, and currently works for Disney Animation on a regular basis.

Previous clients include Disney, Sony, Merlin Entertainments, Facebook, Google, Fujitsu, Avon, Nurofen, Easy Jet, Mercedes, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, National Express, Oxfam, Exxon Mobil, Bubble TV, Zee TV, LFA Films, Machine Games, Oculus VR, and Q Games.


German Accented English

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