Fen D (DUT)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Fen's cheerful, friendly and melodic voice is incredibly versatile with an age range capability from infant to adult.


Fen has worked as a voice over artist for 6 years, starting off in 2007 as a regular corporate voice for a clinical company, then moving on to deliver a wider variety of corporate voice over jobs for both sales and educational purposes, as well as developing into a commercial voice over artist for TV advertisements, TV programmes and promos.

What is interesting about Fen is that, additional to her voice performances inside of her own age quality (young to mid adult), she can also deliver voices in age ranges much younger than her own, lending convincing infant and children's voices of both sexes, boy and girl. This makes Fen a very versatile voice over artist, suitable for a large array of clients.

Her corporate clients have included the likes of 'Hogarth' corporate marketing and 'BFIG' corporate videos whilst her commercial clients have included 'Ariel' washing products, Discovery Channel and Cartoon Network.


Dutch accented English

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