Dryw M

Voice Type: Male adult
Voice Range: 20s-30s, 30s-40s
Native Language: English (EN)
Native Accents: New Zealand - All
Other Accents: UK - Neutral, UK/USA - Transatlantic, Australia - All, USA - West Coast
Voice Description / Bio

Dryw has an engaging, clear voice that is perfect for your next project. Since gaining a Licentiate Diploma from Trinity College London with distinction in Speech and Drama, Dryw has received multiple acting and voice awards including four from the prestigious Society of Voice Arts, and has performed on stage and screen for the past ten years. Through his theatrical background, he has developed a dedication to telling stories, whether that be the story of your business or your book's story. In choosing Drew's voice you will be using the voice that has been trusted by numerous multinational companies, small businesses, and government agencies and narrated over 50 audiobooks. Working in a professional quality studio, his experience with commercial spots, audiobooks, video games, business videos, explainer videos, cartoons, and instructional work proves his versatility. No matter what style you are looking for, Dryw can provide it!

Voiceover Reels

Dryw M - Australian accented English Montage

Dryw M - New Zealand accented English Montage