David Shears

Voice Range:
Native Language:
English neutral

Voice Description

David’s natural RP, rich, bright and engaging, possesses the versatility to match the sound you desire. Whether corporate and businesslike, friendly and natural, or vibrant and dynamic. Alternatively, his native Newcastle accent can be recalled at will to deliver a regional flavour to your voiceover. Strong or with a softer touch as required.


A trained actor, David has worked professionally since 2009, specialising in voiceovers since 2015. Since then he has been pleased to provide his vocal talents for a diverse range of corporate and commercial clients. He has honed his technical (particularly in the pharmaceutical sector) corporate skills to a fine edge and his voice has been selected to front commercial campaigns for many high profile clients. Recently he has been stretching his acting muscles recording parts in several well known plays for Audible with The Online Stage. His portfolio includes work for ITV, Dreamworks, Samsung and Unilever.

Montage Reel

Commercial Reel

Corporate Reel

Documentary Reel

North East Reel

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