Dan McGarry

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:
English regional, Yorkshire

Voice Description

Dan’s strong and friendly Yorkshire voice is incredibly versatile thanks to his varied career which has encompassed everything from stand-up comedy to Shakespeare. He can provide the funny character voices or the authoritative narration you might require. His experience and good humour allows him to bring any script to life and deliver exactly what the client requires.


Described by a recent client as ‘the most accurate and professional artist I have worked with’, Dan has been providing voice over work since 2006 for commercial clients such as Lucozade, Twix and Jewson. Dan keeps himself busy as a writer, director, stage actor, musician and educator. His varied work gives him a broad outlook on many subjects allowing him to deliver just the kind of performance you are looking for. Dan has also worked in the corporate industry for 4 years as a Key Account Manager for a publishing company. This experience allows him to handle sight reading with confidence and relay corporate language with ease.

Commercials Reel

Corporate Reel

Accents and Character Reel

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