Citlalli M (LAS)

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Voice Description

Citlalli’s voice is grounded, mature and warm. It is very well suited for e-learning modules, corporate recordings and commercials. Her voice also has a dramatic and seductive tone, and is used in video games and animations. The depth of her voice has also been used frequently by the Aljazeera news network and a variety of charity videos.


Citlalli trained as an actress at Drama Centre London and has been working as a voice over artist since 2010. Her voice has been used in corporate videos and training modules by American Airlines, HSBC, Volvo, Shell, Danfoss, Barrick, Cemex, Dove and PayPal amongst others. She has recorded a few characters for video games as well as recording voices for Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and Walls Ice Cream. Citlalli has recorded a great amount of medical and legal training modules as well as working extensively in the field of ADR and dubbing.

Latin American Spanish

LAS Accented English

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