Christopher Buckley

Voice Range:
50’s, 60+,
Native Language:
English neutral, English regional

Voice Description

Christopher's voice is charming, characterful and friendly. His more mature tones are believable, trustworthy, warm, and re-assuring but also versatile with a humorous side to his range.


Christopher has come late to the voiceover world after running a shipbroker company for the last 12 years. Shipbroking was his second career choice; his first was acting. A couple of years ago, he was asked to voice a British Army Colonel in an interactive WW1 exhibit for a London Museum, a session that went so well that he was mistaken for a professional VO artist.

Since then Christopher has had vocal coaching and has successfully integrated himself into the voiceover industry as a unique and talented voice artist.



Commercial Reel

Corporate Reel

Narrative Reel

Montage Reel

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