Christianne G (BPOR)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s, Child,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Christianne's warm, friendly, sexy or sensual, high tempo voice is extremely versatile.  She is highly experienced and works well on commercials, radio and corporate work.


Christianne has worked for many years as an actress in Brazil and in the UK, especially for Film and TV. She has played roles on several drama series for the BBC and other channels such as ITV, RTE(Ireland) and Sky, most recently she appeared on the Historical Drama series 'The Great' with Nicolas Hoult and Elle Fanning.

Christianne has more than 20 years experience in recording voice over for Radio and TV in both Brazil and the UK, and is a great choice for corporates, documentaries, commercials, E-learning, and character work. She is the voice of Shell partners in passion and has done work for FIFA, Wella, Unicef, National Geographic, Magnum, Mastercard, Mercedes, Fedex, Netflix, Veho, Mercer Sirota, TNT, Amex and many more.

She is a very versatile voice actor, being able to incorporate the following styles; Sexy, lively, friendly, soft, young, mature, corporate, warm, confident, fiery, cartoons, children voice, happy, girl next door, argumentative.

Brazillian Portuguese

Brazillian Portuguese accented English

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