Chandini DS (HIN/ URD)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Chandini's voice can range from sweet, melodious girly tones to rather harsh,sharp and bold tones which make her very versatile and easily adaptable to the needs of the client.


Chandini is a native Hindi and Urdu speaker. She has done commercials, documentaries and narrations for popular brands like Colgate, Tilda Basmati Rice, Children's Films and Cartoons as well as jingles for The Junglebook, Soft drinks and Crisps.
She has been doing voiceovers since 2000 and her interest in Acting and Drama has helped her to make an impact on her audiences.
She can do voices in the age range of 9-50 years.

Hindi/ Urdu

Indian accented English

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