Britta G

Voice Type: Female adult
Voice Range: 20s-30s, 30s-40s, 40s-50s, Child, Teen
Native Language: German (DE)
Other Language: English - European accented
Native Accents: Europe - Germany
Voice Description / Bio

Britta is a native German voiceover artist and an established actress who has featured as a regular in two long-running German TV serials and has voiced the leads in award-winning games such as 'Control', 'Half-Life' and 'Metal Gear Solid'. Britta has vast experience in all fields of voiceover, from e-learning to realistic testimonials or precise instructional, enticing commercials, or crazy cartoons - Britta will set the right tone! She enjoys recording in her native German or fluent English with a hint of 'continental'. Britta has a natural, clear, approachable tone with a good vocal & emotional range. Britta can also be heard as 'Sala' in BBC's webcast 'Dr. Who - Death comes to Time', the Courtauld Gallery's museum guide, and the many voices & narrators of the bilingual children's audiobook series 'Third Stories', to name but a few.

Voiceover Reels

Britta G - German Montage

Britta G - German accented English