Belinda R (LAS)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Fresh, warm, friendly, natural and sexy female voice. A versatile voice over artist able to do TV commercials, corporate, documentary, narrative and cartoon voices. Belinda works in English and Spanish. In Spanish, she has a neutral Latin American accent and is also able to do some specific accents from the region. In English, she has a rather exotic accent (used by Magnum ice cream and Nescafe)


Belinda grew up in Lima, Peru and moved to the UK in 1987.  Her career as a voice over artist began in 1994 when she became a producer/presenter at the BBC World Service – Latin American section. During her time at the BBC she was able to work on news as well as magazine type programmes.

Since then she has done a huge variety of voices for various projects, among them she was the voice of Magnum ice cream and Nescafe.

Latin Spanish

Latin Spanish accented English

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