Atilla A (GER)

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

A native voice in German and Turkish. Atilla's voice is highly versatile in both, genre and character. His voice quality can reach from clear, direct and fruity to mysterious, spiritual and gentle.


Atilla Akinci was born in Stuttgart, the Swabian region of Germany. Raised by Turkish parents, he was fully bilingual by the age of 5 and grew up speaking both languages. At the age of 21 he moved to Istanbul in Turkey, where he lived and studied as an actor for three years before coming to the UK and training at the Oxford School of Drama.

His voiceover experience spans languages, accents and genres, including work in commercials, corporates, ADR, audio dramas, audiobooks and video games. Clients include Adidas, Hilton, Wellcome Trust and DoubleTree to name a few.

For the British Museum he voiced Assyrian King Ashurbanipal and Persian leader Cyrus the Great in the video game 'Total War'. For BBC Radio 4 he played a Turkish spy in 'Journey into Fear' and a German POW in the well-known series 'Home Front'.

For Big Finish Productions he worked alongside Sheridan Smith and Paul McGann on 'Doctor Who', followed by a two-hander opposite John Barrowman in 'The Lives of Captain Jack'.



German accented English

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