Arthur Bostrom

Voice Range:
40’s, 50’s, 60+,
Native Language:
English neutral

Voice Description

Arthur has a warm, mature voice that is strong, clear and reassuring. He has a great character voice that has a proven track record for comedy and animation work.


Arthur has a wealth of acting experience, and is well known for the characters from his successful acting background. He has previously worked in BBC audio dramas and pantomimes as well as many television productions. He still works as an actor and carries these skills over to the voiceover world, bringing the nuances of performance over to TV adverts and other projects.
Arthur has worked with a range of companies on diverse projects including TV advertising for Pizza and children's TV! He recently guest presented an edition of “Word Of Mouth” for BBC Radio 4 and is presenting a programme on Radio 4 Extra this July. He is also very much at home voicing commentary and text for corporate videos, corporate websites, technical literature and documentaries. In 2014 Arthur re-voiced several major parts in the fantasy cartoon series Wakfu, now showing on Netflix. Recent commentary work includes narration for a short film produced by Age UK.
Due to his strong and smooth voice, Arthur has often been picked for TV work and has a strong background in comedy.





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