Alessandro R (ITA)

Voice Range:
30’s, 40’s, 50’s,
Native Language:

Voice Description

Warm, clear, versatile, Italian voice able to cover a range of ages from twenties/thirties to more mature. Ideal for commercials, promos, audio-guides and videogames, as well as corporate and educational content. Alessandro works often in Italy as a dubbing artist/director and is therefore fully conversant with the styles and practices employed by the Italian voicing/dubbing industry. He is also fully bilingual and can 'Italianize' his English to suit any requirement.


Alessandro was born and raised in Rome, where the Italian film and dubbing industry is based. He started as a speaker for RAI (Italian State Television) in the mid-eighties. He was the official Italian voice (promos and continuity) for Cartoon Network when it first launched in Italy. For over a year he was a weather presenter on “Canale Meteo” the 24 hour Italian Weather Channel.  He has also voiced numerous promos for the Discovery Channel and is currently the continuity announcer for Italian BBC Knowledge.  Over the years he has voiced and directed countless Italian videogame localizations in the UK and in Italy. His most memorable role was as Solid Snake in the iconic “Metal Gear Solid” for Playstation. More recent endeavours include the popular Nintendo “Professor Layton” and “Inazuma Eleven” series as well as “Lego City Undercover”. Audio-guide work includes guides for the Louvre, National Gallery, Tate and Tate Modern museums as well as the Emirates Stadium Arsenal Tour and Heineken Factory in Amsterdam Tour. Commercials voiced by Alessandro include Fiat (in the UK), Xbox360, Rosetta Stone and Saclà.


Italian accented English

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